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the one where Amy married Jerome at The Bel-aire Bay Club

201502_0733201502_0068I'm currently in Long Beach visiting with family and just didn't have a lot of time yesterday to get these images posted, but HELLO! I had to share my fabulous wedding I photographed this past weekend. It was GORGEOUS! Okay, back story. Mya + Chase got married on UCLA's campus a few years ago. Amy + Mya work together. So, when Amy got engaged, Mya suggested me as her photographer. (Thank you, forever, Mya! XXOO) So, since I have family out here in Cali-ville, I'm staying a few extra days to visit with them. It's been awesome! No dirt storms, nothing but sunshine and blue smoggyskiesand blue ocean views! Heaven in my book!

The wedding took place at the Bel-Air Bay Club. Go ahead. Click that little link right there. It's quite lovely and to be honest with you? As much as I love variety in my life and in the weddings I photograph, I could be happy here, photographing every week. I'd arrive a day or two early and just lay on the beach. I mean, not a bad way to work, right? And the lighting at this place? AMAZEBALLS! I seriously never had to change the batteries in my flashes. Normally, there's a refill or two. Nope. Not here. Something about sunny Cali just works well with wedding photographs.

We started out at the hotel with some coffee and friends. That's always a good way to start your day. Okay, with me nowdays? Tea. Love me some tea.

201502_0034201502_0077The bride's sister has amazing skin! She's got that creamy white glow to her and I could NOT leave my lens off her. Don't worry. Other's go covered photographically as well. But HELLO! Her skin!!!!

201502_0110This was another fun friend. I mean, just look at him below? Wouldn't you want to hang out with this guy? And just so you know, the man can dance. Like for HOURS. I watched. Even danced with him a time or two. I like it when they dance.

201502_0301201502_0346Dress was by the FABULOUS, BHLDN. In love! Seriously, in love! The buttons on the back combined with the bride's reverse side, um...fabulous!!!!

201502_0027and Hello, pretty flowers. 201502_0592201502_0618201502_0620201502_0638Seriously. I mean just check out the reverse side. Elegant, with just the right amount of sexy. 201502_0808I haven't even showed you the ocean views yet. This photograph below was made in the "board room" with the guys. the cute one 2nd from left is the groom, Jerome. Looking mighty fine there, Mister Jontry!

201502_1027201502_1035They had a first look out on the terrace. Sweet moments between girls + guys warm my heart. They had some very sweet moments.

201502_1061201502_1068including a look at that "reverse side". Jerome is a very smart man.

201502_1184And the Bel-aire Bay Club has sooooo many amazing place to photograph!!!!

201502_1247201502_1293201502_1328201502_1411201502_1470201502_1501These two were super cute just hanging out during formal portrait time.

201502_1530But my favorite thing to photograph? The bride, of course. Always + Forever, I just have a thing for brides.

201502_1707Didn't I promise you an ocean view? I know they are in love and saying vows to each other. But I would totally have added the part to them where I vowed to stand on this site once a year and profess my love again and again. Yep. Add that one for sure.

201502_1727201502_1743I wish I could tell you who did the flowers. Mandy was the coordinator. She said she would email her to let her know I LOVED her work!! Mandy, if somehow you found this blog post, please send her the link and add her name in the comments.

201502_1769201502_1775201502_1796201502_1830Amy and her mom laughed together on that walk down the aisle. So sweet!

201502_2043201502_2083201502_2144201502_2242When couples look at each other like this curing ceremonies, I MELT. I do! I melt into a puddle of happiness. Swoon, is a word that comes to mind.

201502_2363201502_2307201502_2467A shofar was blown after they kissed. The mother of the groom was in charge of that. You can read about it HERE.

201502_2486Cocktail time came after the ceremony. Since we had photographed all the formals before, this allowed the couple time to really enjoy their guests. BRAVO!

201502_2609And the guests sure enjoyed them!

201502_2631201502_2705A beautiful decorated reception room filled with beautiful guests and couple, it was such a pleasure to work there.

201502_2730201502_2967And such a gorgeous evening to celebrate!

201502_3189201502_3255201502_3338201502_3347201502_3396201502_3440We had many special moments this day. Toasts and heartfelt words for the couple. Glass clanging and kisses. And stories! All these things and more. And then? Then...we danced! And danced! And danced!




A wonderful night! Definitely.

I'll be flying home tomorrow and I'm already getting sad and depressed. Don't get me wrong Texas. I LOVE you! But I sure do miss my California Family.

Until we meet again...