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the one with the Douglas Family and their dog


Meet the Douglas Family. I know them through Miss Lillie up there next to Cutter. Am I spelling your name right, Mr.? I sure hope so. Lillie is a Lady Pirate post and the girl improved so much over the season! Gosh! I missed quite a few games this season due to The Bull Stop and from one to the next I did manage to shoot, I was impressed! The girl has some game!

Also, check out my impressive photo shop job up there! Do you see the clouds? I dropped those bad boys in. We had a cloudy overcast day and the AWESOME blue of the blue jeans needed some blue in the sky to play along. It totally works for me and for their family photo. And if you've ever seen the inside of their home you'd say the same for that as well. HELLO! Print me big and put me on your pretty blue wall, Mindy. For sure!

I'm so glad I got to hang with them and spend some time getting to know them. They laugh a lot and tease, which is super fun and healthy for West Texas families. BRAVO on a great job of looking like super models and thank you for letting me photograph your family. I totally enjoyed myself.

Love does,