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2014101100013This post is a long time coming. As in months of wanting to blog about it and then never finding the words strong enough to do so. I just felt I could not do it justice. You know? You see, Tori is the niece of Jodel, a long time friend of mine. When she lived in West Texas, we spoke all the time. And then, as with many long time friends, you lose touch. You don't talk much anymore. Your lives change, move on. And you might keep up with them on facebook. But your heart never forgets. And then when you do see each other again, you pick up where you left off. And that's exactly what we did.

Jodel and I travelled north to Tori + Craig's wedding. We stayed up late talking and freezing together in the cabin. We caught up on each other's lives and kids and hopes and dreams and just enjoyed our time together. I'm so very thankful I got to be there and photographed the celebration.

It was definitely a celebration. The wedding weekend took place at a venue with trails, and pretty trees, and open fields. A lovely place for two families to come together and enjoy each other. The groom, Craig, feels deep and it shows in his emotions. Be sure and spend some time on the before pictures of him and his son getting dressed together. They are some of my favorites.

I hope you enjoy their sneak peek.

Love does,