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2014_0799I swear, I NEVER looked like this in high school. I swear! HELLO! Girls today have social media, access to the internet, youtube videos, EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE to help them look presentable. Me? Drugstore shopping and the Sears Catalog. Yeah. I suffered heavily. I've been photographing a lot of girls basketball teams, which HELLO! LOVE GIRL'S BASKETBALL and at first, I'm hesitant to share them with you. Like I'm cheating on my girls, the Lady Pirates. Gosh! It feels somewhat awful. But since THIS team, the Idalou Wildcats has a homegirl on it, Miss Sydney Craig, I can totally cheat. Me and her go way back...like way back to grade school days spent in Cooperville. Love me some Craigs!!!

The Wildcats have a new coach this year and the season looks promising. They did beat my Lady Pirates by a point or two, a few games back, and I'm licking my wounds in hopes that gets a do-over. But girls basketball is awesome regardless and I applaud these girls for sweating and building strength and muscles and sacrificing "social time" for the CAUSE. For the TEAM. For each other! Stay strong, Wildcats!!!

Love does,