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20141122_0044My blog has been broken. UGH...I missed it madly! I realize I don't blog all the time, but I like having my blog. I can look up things, link to things, tag things, and have access to years of my photos. I like that. So, when it broke, I had trouble dealing with the workflow. HELLO! I was forced to blog on facebook. Now that's not entirely a bad thing, but it's not MY PHOTO JOURNAL. It's everyone's photo journal. I like my blog.

So, it's fixed now, and I'm sharing Katee and Matt's fabulous wedding in the rain! So bear with me if you already saw these on facebook. Or better yet, Enjoy them again!

The wedding took place in Bryan, Texas. It was at a place called The Kyle House, which has wonderful history to the town, the college and the area. And it's super cute and historic, so it fit well with Katee's theme. Which was lovely art deco, Great Gatsby, glorious! That's my definition, not hers. LOL I was crazy excited about it! From the colors, to the place, to the DRESS, to the weather. ALL OF IT.

Yes. The weather.

It rained and rained and rained. And it messed with locations I had in mind for EVERYTHING. Because with the rain came the flooding and a location I had planned to use for the bride and groom just couldn't be used. Totally broke my heart. But HELLO! You have to roll with it and use what you have. And we definitely had something we could work with. The Kyle House is beautiful! Anyone getting married in Bryan? Definitely put this one on your list of places to look at.

The rain brought out an excitement to me. The sound, the smells, the different lighting. It was another piece to visually tell their story. I hope you enjoy it.

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