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the one with the LBMS Football Players

It's no secret I love Cooper! No secret at all. All in, ALL THE WAY! Right? So, when Laura Bush Middle School coaches called and ask me to shoot their football teams again, I got super excited! Last year was so much fun! And it totally helped me during a time in my life when there wasn't much to be excited about. HELLO! Last year was my "chemo on the couch year" and just editing the images helped my days go better and brighter. These kids are so much fun! And boys this age sure know how to work the camera and bring their personalities to the game. HELLO! The super know how to shine! And I just get to enjoy it and click, click, click.

I always start withe the safe stuff. Full body image, 3/4's pose with the numbers showing. But I think it's equally important, not too mention so much fun, to take a few images that will totally show off each kid and give the viewer (and mom) a bit more to enjoy. These kids totally did NOT disappoint! Here's a quick sneak peek to tease you and you can view the rest by heading on over to Cooper's Gallery at www.kbedz.com.

Love does,