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I'm still in shock. NO WAY IS SHE OLD ENOUGH TO BE A BRIDE! HELLO! I've known Janae since birth and even though I've photographed her bridal and engagement, it didn't really sink in until wedding day. I felt old. Very old. But after shooting a few frames, I sunk into the job and just enjoyed the HECK out of it!

From left to right are some of Janae's very best buds. Like VERY BEST. Like as in know all her deepest darkest secrets. And if the girl wears underwear or not. I mean, come on. These girls are in the know. From left to right, since childhood, Amanda, Katie, and Taylor. Just look at that gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes! You would think that would be a requirement to get into her friend zone, but alas, keep scrolling and you will find a red head and a brunette. I do NOT know if they are in the know on the underwear, though.


Now that morning I had a football team to photograph. Yes. My beloved Cooper Pirates were that morning, so Kalyn Marie covered for me at the salon and she did such a great job! HELLO! I'm super proud of her for doing this. Pressure was on, because the girls were LATE. Like in very late getting to the church. I think Janae got there and dressed and married within an hour. Not even kidding. Here dress? To die for! STUNNING!!! The guys were in the side chapel getting ready. Lots of teasing and laughter and walking back and forth. We did manage to go outside and snap a few group shots in the heat. It was very humid and the feeling of rain was in the air. Everyone knows it's good luck for it to rain on your day, right?Hello cute groom. That's right. I have such a blessed job of seeing cute guys getting ready for commitment for the rest of their lives. It's always fun, the process of culling images as keepers. Sure, I have a cute image where they are all camera aware, smiling, but then I couldn't giggle to myself every time I glance at the right side of this portrait. Can you tell which guy talked a lot? Which one was puzzled by shooting style? God created humans with all sorts of personalities and traits. LOVE how they come out when you are shooting a group!

Oh, and I'd like to note that this is where we park our car every Sunday when going to mass. Yep. Wedding was in my home church. LOVE that!And I can NEVER NOT POST AN IMAGE with texture. I try. Really I do. But I just can't. Something about the under skirt of a bride's dress just does it for me! LOVE the shot on the right!!! LOVE!Oh, how much fun were these guys!!! How much?

There's an image from Annette and Roy's wedding of Annette and her dad in front of these doors. It's a lovely image and it's been in my brain for years. I wanted to replicate it at her daughter's wedding, but we just simply ran out of time. I know! I know! CURSES! But these doors now have a new image forever etched in my brain. One of Roy, on the phone, as he prepares to walk his baby girl down the aisle. Inspiration is everywhere! The world is awesome that way.And Annette? How do I love thee? You were awesome under pressure that day. Just awesome! You still managed to have fun despite all the emotions rushing through your heart and soul. You were the official dresser of the bride, and you did so with just minutes to spare! You made everyone feel at ease and happy. Including me. THOSE EYES!!!!! They are perfect pools of yummy brown, just oozing imagination and fun!!! She's adorable!!!Pops, seeing his daughter all dressed up and ready to be married! LOVE!Two great faces. GREAT. I blogged this one a few days ago, but it's so dang pretty, I'm sharing it again.We were literally minutes from ceremony time, and just a few feet away from entering the church. We pounded out a few portraits before walking down the aisle. Just goes to show you that even if you have planned and planned and planned, you still can't prepare for exactly how the day will go. You just have to roll with it. The lighting in the parish center was gorgeous! And went with the warm tones of Janae's wedding decor. I would have loved 30 minutes to make photos, but I will grab every opportunity I can and make the best of it. The most important part of the day is the "getting married" part. I'm just there to document it with hopes that I make beautiful images for you to remember for always. I know we accomplished that!Gorgeous girls!!!!My favorite!Here we are making photographs with windows again. This is Kyle standing outside the side entrance of our church. Waiting on his bride!!!!Another opportunity to brag on Annette. She was the show coming down that aisle! Waving at folks, laughing! Just putting everyone at ease. You can see it in Jayton's eyes! And the folks faces behind her. BEST MOTHER OF THE BRIDE EVER!!!!And then, I present, BEST BRO OF THE BRIDE EVER! No? Do you agree?Father informed me the night before that he's been with our parish for 14 years, is that right? And married 12 couples. Granted most of our youth are very young. As in, VERY YOUNG, but they too will grow up and fall in love and hopefully get married at St. Joseph Church. I'm hoping Father is there to add to his number. Go Father, Go!And the kiss!!!! LOVE the way she's grabbing his face! Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell!!!Because we didn't have much time before to capture these beauties, we spent a few minutes after family pictures to bathe in the sweet light of the afternoon. It had rained during the ceremony and the air was NOT moving and it was MUGGY. But we didn't care! WEDDING OVER! It's time to celebrate!!!GORGEOUS CAKE above, gorgeous rings below. I used a car hood for this one. I think, Annette's. No?This is my daughter, Kalyn Marie on the left and her very good friend, Natalie on the right. They went to Cooper together and really great close in the past few years. All these gorgeous blondes with pretty eyes! I love it when my family is at a wedding as well. So much dancing and good times!Maid of honor made the house cry. Or at least this photographer. Nicely done, Amanda.

And the first dance was great as well! Kyle is singer and he sang to the bride in her ear. Such a great moment! This ladies and gentlemen...is my godson. ENOUGH SAID.The cool kids shaking it on the dance floor. Notice Grant in the middle of the hens. Yep. Boy knows a good place when he sees one. LOLThe following series needs no explanation other then, keep your eyes on the girl on the left. Yep. She wanted this bouquet BAD. Like in really BAD.Fun and laughs carried us through the night. I danced, everyone danced. It was a great night! At one point there was a congo line that weaved inside and outside for the better part of 2 songs. Great was to celebrate!Ha! Cracking me up, this one! Next time, the bride needs a hat of protection. No telling how much of that stuff was going down that dress! LOLAnd I emailed Janae and Zak before I shared this blog post and asked a few questions. One of my favorite photographers does this and I think it's such a cute idea! Here it goes!


Ceremony: St. Joseph Church, Slaton, Texas

Reception: Spirit Ranch, Lubbock, Texas

Flowers: United Market Street

First Dance: "Who I am With you" - Chris Young

Father/Daughter: "Amarillo By Morning" - George Strait

Mother/Son: "Troubadour" - George Strait

Last Dance: "True" - George Strait

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

Zak - the ceremony of course!

Janae - the calm before the storm when it was just my new husband and I riding in the truck to the reception...finally got to have a quiet minute together to soak it all in.

Any advice for future bride/grooms planning their weddings?

Don't move 2 days before your wedding! Make lists when you think of anything you need to do!!!! I kept running lists for months.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Janae - going to the bathroom with my maid of honor, Amanda, holding my dress...it was just like the movies! We laughed the whole time trying to keep my dress held up!!!
If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?
Janae - I would stop and take in each moment. But as the bride, it's almost impossible to do when all of the guests want to talk to YOU and all of the questions needing answered are directed at YOU! I feel like I didn't savor the little moments like I wanted to.
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Smoky Mountains in Tennessee...hiking, rafting, wine tasting, stayed in a gorgeous honeymoon cabin. Also went to Nashville for a night to see the Country Music Hall of Fame and hit up some live music!


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