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Kasey is the daughter of some very good friends of ours. Not good friends in the way that you know everything about their lives and involved with them heavily. But good friends in that you've known them forever and they are wonderful people who have your back. Completely. That's how I feel about this girl. I've watched her grow up and become this beautiful young lady! And I knew she was on the tennis team for Monterey, but I had never gotten the chance to watch her play.

Yesterday I did!

And she did not disappoint! The girl is good! You really are Kasey! I totally enjoyed watching you as well as photographing your game! Maybe I'll catch your sister slamming that ball soon?

Now before I get hate mail from the Pirate Nation, as Cooper was playing Monterey, please understand that I've know Kasey longer then I've been a Pirate. So, I wasn't betraying my Cooper Family, I was only opening up everything a bit more. And I have plenty of pictures from our awesome Cooper kids on the gallery as well. Head on over to www.kbedz.com to see.

And photographing tennis was fun! I'll be back to photograph some more.

Love does,