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These faces!

These beautiful faces!

I'm in Prosper sitting on my sister-in-law and brother-in-laws back porch, sharing stories and catching up. Summer Zoe moves into her dorm room at TCU tomorrow. I was looking for a "throw back" picture for instagram and realized I had never blogged her graduation! HELLO! Seriously? I'm a horrible mother.

I'm nostalgic and weepy and drinking doesn't help the situation at all. Oh, Lord, tomorrow is going to be hard. Both physically and emotionally.

But first, flash back. Graduation was such a happy time for us. You see, senior year for Summer was overshadowed by me and my cancer. Treatment lasted 6 months and then it was followed by radiation which literally KICKED MY BUTT. So, besides a sick momma, she missed her senior year of basketball due to injuries. A lot to deal with. And we haven't even mentioned grades? HELLO! Girl is smart, but it's hard work GRADUATING SALUTATORIAN! Yep. You read that right. Baby girl is Salutatorian of her 2014 LCHS Class. I'm so proud! We all are!

This year was also the first year that Cooper was graduating at the USA. HELLO! How cool is that?!?! We've grown so big over the years, we can no longer fit inside the Civic Center. And because of how the class was on the floor and the speeches were on the stage, Summer was took a selfie during her speech. LOL Such a cute moment! I have her speech on video and will share it soon.

Summer, I know you read my blog. I'll try and hold in the tears today, but so much of this is reminding me of when I moved your sister to Austin. Our family dynamics are changing and it excites me and scares me a bit as well. I know we will be fine, we totally will.

Love does,



Below is my back door neighbor, Karen with her lovely daughter, Megan. Her son Mason graduated with Summer. He's headed to Texas Tech this year.

The class was all holed up in the back room waiting to walk out. Of course I had to sneak back in there and get images of all the kids. All this energy and curls in one place! LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!This is Jason and Brooke. She's a Freshman at Texas Tech and it's been great having her in Lubbock!Chief and Grandma were there as well!And then Daniel, Toni and Brittany. This is family, folks. FAMILY.See, we had our own grandstands. How cool is that?!?!

Below is my dad. I like to think I got my dressing skills from this sharp dressed man. He's always looking "fly for a white guy". Me and my mom. LOVE this picture!!!!There's Summer Zoe, walking out with the class of 2014!!!Everyone got a bit sad. I know I was a bit sad. It's different when it's your last kid. It just is.After it was all over we met outside to congratulate the graduates!