the one with the Lady Pirate BB Banquet


The Lady Pirates held their basketball banquet last night out at Caprock Winery. Everyone came so dressed up I almost didn't recognize a few! Heels, beautiful dresses. Every year I make an "End of Year" slideshow and this year was kind of different. Due to my treatments and my energy level NOT being what I wanted it to be, I didn't make near the JV and Freshman games I typically do. Nor the boy's games. I hate that, but a mom can only do so much. I had to choose my activities wisely so as not to compromise others. I sure hope next year is better. These kids are working hard and deserve to be documented and cared for. Are you hearing me girls?!?!? Next year, I'll do better. I swear.

This year, however, iMovie changed how you can get a created movie out of it's interface. UGH! Talk about stress! Anyone else having trouble? It's harder and harder with each update and I had to read/google/watch tutorials online and even though I had allowed for plenty of time, thinking it would be the old way, I didn't!!! I was gathering and organizing images all year. You saw them here folks and on the Pirate Gallery. And even had the slideshow/video/movie created in iMovie with PLENTY of time. PLENTY. But getting it out of my computer and on DVD which is what they requested, UGH!!!! I was STRESSED. STRESSED. I mean HELLO! It's Summer's senior year and I would be responsible for ruining basically, her night at the LCHS OSCARS!!!! UGH!!!!!

Anyway, all this drama talk just to say how AWESOME the folks at Caprock Winery were for helping me with this bad boy in getting the finished product to the girls. You can view it yourself on my Vimeo Channel. I will try and embed it below at the end of this blog post, but don't hold your breath. I'm kind of sick of technology at this point.

The Coaches said some very nice things about our girls. ALL of them. I'm very glad they take the time to do this.


I'm so glad Coach Hilliard takes the time to do this as well, because playing for him isn't always easy. Nope. It's not. It's hard when there's another man in your life, besides your Dad, getting upset and saying things about you that feel like KNIVES PIERCING YOUR HEART. Girls can be so soft, and insecure NO MATTER WHAT THEIR PARENTS SAY, and basketball? HARD. It's a fine line for sure for all Coaches. So, thank you, Coach Hilliard for your kind words. It was greatly appreciated by my family.

That said, you are not completely off the hook for things said during Kalyn Marie's years as a Lady Pirate, but hey, that's an entire other blog post. Or better yet, conversation over a cup of coffee sometime. (or something strong for me! LOL)

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Love does,