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the one where the Lady Pirates beat Frenship


To view more Pirate Photos from this game, CLICK HERE.Right before we dismissed for Christmas break, the Lady Pirates beat Frenship. YES! You read that right, they beat Frenship!!! I was so happy and proud! They needed this win in the best way. They needed it to boost their confidence. They've had some tough times this year. They've had players hurt. Injuries. They've had to learn to play together all over again. And beating Frenship gave them some confidence that they can do this. They can be a team and win together. It was AWESOME!

During the National Anthem, I looked over and saw Jordan and Summer holding hands. I immediately teared up. It's been such a yard thing for her. She loves her team, her team mates, and not being able to play has hurt everyone a little bit. They understand how hard this is for her and she understands how hard it is for them. Just breaks my heart the way life works sometimes. I don't understand it. It seems so unfair that she can't play again, to finish out her senior year. I've know I can't fix it or change it, and I've learned to accept it. But that doesn't make the pain go away. I'm thankful she has such sweet friends with good hearts that reach out and comfort her. I love this team!

This shot above was taken right after Haley hit a 1/2 court shot at the buzzer before 1/2 time. It was AWESOME!!!Something so awesome and great about Cooper is the alumni that comes back and visits when they can. Bree and Amanda were here to pray in our halls together. Cooper has suffered a lot lately and many of the believers in our community held a prayer service on campus. I loved seeing them! Pirates are good people.

Love does,