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the one where I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Just check out that mess above? It's beautiful, right? We came, we baked, we loved it.

We've had a wonderful Christmas and are still having it! LOL Some of the family is still in town and we hope to spend more time with them. We had our BIG BEDNARZ CHRISTMAS and loved every minute of it. I have tons of images on my camera that I will share later, but I wanted to with everyone in blog land a very Merry Christmas!

This little mix of photos will give you an idea of how we spend the Holidays. Baking laughing, Christmas Eve Mass, LADY PIRATE BASKETBALL and good friends always.

Oh, and I haven't bragged out it much, but my youngest kid got into TCU and is super excited about it. We are too! Scroll down and see her TCU friends sporting their horned frogs.

Love does,


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