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the one where we get iced in, Brock Tournament Day 1

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I'm depressed. I just put Summer Zoe on a bus to Granbury for a Lady Pirate Tournament and it has double meaning for me.

  1. She's getting to go and I'm not. Yep. I can be a baby sometimes.
  2. No surgery scheduled yet. BIG BUMMER.

Vail, CO called yesterday and it looks like we have to wait. Yes, more waiting. Having this dragged out may be good. It's giving me time to adjust to not seeing her play. But sometimes ripping things like a bandaid would be best. You know? Not sure how I feel about that. I just know I'm hurt. Bummed. Sad. Pissed. All of it. I'll get over it, sure. And time will help. But I'd love to see her out of pain. Not fun to watch your child suffer.

I've been kind of absent from this blog last week and haven't updated you on our BROCK Tournament last weekend. If you follow me on instagram, you'll know why. HELLO ICE! We arrived Wednesday and the ice storm blew in the next day. Teams dropped out, but 4 stayed in, including us. And we played ball. We stayed in Weatherford and made the drive to Brock, however, for a 12 mile drive it took over an hour! I20 was AWFUL! Trucks were jacknived and the ice just wouldn't melt. It never got warm enough. We finally made it home late Sunday night, and we still had an awesome time together (thank you, Joey!) but it was tiring for the girls, parents, and HELLO! The coach. He got to drive that bus on ice, folks. FUN TIMES. LOL Anyway, here are photos from Day 1 of the Tournament. I'll post more later.

FYI: Kaiti got hurt in the first game. She had to sit out a year of BB for a knee injury before and this was such a scary moment for her and her mom. She's OK though. She had an MRI done on Monday and it looks like it's a small tear and she can play through it. Yes. There will be pain and swelling, but she will get to play!!! Believe you me, this is huge. We need her. She needs this. And it's not fair that Summer Zoe doesn't get to play, but this makes that a little easier to swallow NO MORE INJURIES PLEASE, LORD. No more.