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I'm seeing all the Christmas decorating on Instagram and feeling a bit behind. Amazing how much stress social medial can cause! There's been some beautiful trees out there! I'll admit it. And several of you have multiple trees in multiple rooms. HELLO! I can barely get the one up and decorated! Even on a good day. LOL I'll get it all done, eventually. And I even enjoy doing it. But I don't do a ton of decorating. Just enough to let us know it's Christmas AND not too much that I feel cluttered.

Our sick family made it through the Holiday! YIPEE!

Show me where to pick up our medal. K?

I was basically under house arrest from Wednesday afternoon until today. Summer Zoe as well. She had mono. I had low wbc. (white blood counts) So, we stayed home and experienced our first Turkey Day alone. Very strange indeed. We watched major amounts of football, movies, and netflix and just enjoyed being together.

I will give a HUGE shout out to the Mitchell Family who called us early that morning to ask if they could deliver food to us. HELLO! I never turn down food, so I said a heartfelt YES and we so appreciated the fact that we had Turkey Dinner without having to cook it ourselves. WOW! To be honest, I was so very thankful they called. Wasn't sure what we were going to do since I could do any shopping and Devin was working like a beast. All the time, every day. Liquor stores are busy during the Holidays.

I snapped a few pictures. Not many. And you won't see Summer Zoe below. She just wasn't feeling it, poor thing. She wanted to go to school today. We are waiting to hear from the scheduler in Vail about what day we are leaving. But no word yet. I'm bugging calling them today to confirm. The waiting is making everyone in this family CRAZY. You will see tons of photos of Kanga. HELLO! She always seems to be just right there when I'm taking photos. Good thing she's cute.

CHILL TOGETHER family, CHILL. We are very good at Chilling,.

You will see a pic of some HOOTERS HOT WINGS. That was for the football game. UT vs TT. I honestly expected it to be a close game. Not sure what's up with those Raiders, but I'm excited to see what they will recruit now that Kliff is there. And with my money and kid going to UT, I was happy with the outcome. Kind of difficult to live in Lubbock and NOT cheer on the Raiders, but I love UT as well.

All in all, I was happy to have my family under one roof together. Made me smile. LOTS.

Love Does,