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the one with a Happy Thanksgiving! (and health update)

I'm very thankful this morning, even if my attitude is a little bitter. Bear with me while I vent here on the blog. Just a little bit.

I spent more than 4 hours up at JACC yesterday. I met with Dr. Anderson, who has a few bad reviews on Vitals. Wait. Have I told you about Vitals? I LOVE it! Go download the ap today and use it. It's AWESOME for reviewing doctors and reading people's reviews. I have all our doctors saved in my Vitals Ap under the favorites section and it's so easy to pull them up. Just click the link below and read more. I highly recommend this Ap.

Vitals Ap on iTunes

Okay, back to yesterday.

Dr. Anderson is a radiologist. My oncologist, Dr. Yalmanchili has been talking about seeing him all the way through my chemo. I kept shrugging it off because in my head the finish line was the last treatment. November 12th. YEAH! I crossed the finish line! A bit anti-climatic in my book, because I was still feeling like crap, but I crossed, non the less. I even rang a dang bell people. Yep. The bell you ring when you finish treatment. But here's the catch. I found out yesterday, I'm not finished. Not in the least.

My case was reviewed by "tumor board" and they recommend radiation because of how low my tumor was. That's fine. I get that. What I didn't expect was that I would have to have MORE CHEMO while getting nuked by the radiation. HELLO! I don't remember reading anything about that. UGH. I'm grateful that I respond well to treatment. Many don't. So for that I'm thankful. But honestly, I'm human and I hate being hooked up and dealing with a sore port and dealing with that fanny pack of chemo. Here's a list of why I don't like the fanny pack.

  • I roll over the chord all the time in my office.
  • When I sleep, I hear the "swoosh" sound of the meds dripping in and it wakes me up. FREQUENTLY.
  • The pulls I chose for the cabinets and drawers in this house get hooked on it ALL THE TIME.
  • the dogs tug on it out sometimes when jumping on me. Yes. I need to train these puppies.
  • NO SHOWER. You can't get it wet. And this time, instead of going home with it for 48 hours, it's 5 days. 5 DAYS. UGH...Kalyn said I'm pulling an Amanda. LOL
  • It's not exactly the best accessory for every outfit.
  • If I'm shooting, it gets in the way. PERIOD. Ain't nobody got time for that. I choke myself shooting if I wear a scarf, necklace, etc. Two camera bodies and a shoot sac, there's just no way to add anything else.

Okay, so this is preventative treatment that will only last 5-6 weeks. And doing this drops my chances of getting cancer again. So, heck yeah. I'll do it. I'll also do it BECAUSE I CAN. Many victims of cancer don't respond to treatment, or they have to quit because of the havoc it wrecks on their bodies. I respond well, and the side effects can be brutal, but it's manageable for me. For me. For many, it's not. My heart hurts for them. So, I'll do it and do it well.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! With a sick kid, one home from college and my WBC not where it should be, we are staying home and not traveling to be with family. Watching the parade and enjoying my cup of coffee. Thankful that Devin gets to sleep in for once and I have my Kalyn Marie home. Thankful that Summer's fever has broken finally, after 5 consecutive days. Thankful that I'm warm and have a home. Thankful for friends that are bringing us food today. So thankful for all of the peeps in the world that are praying for me and my family. Oh, and FOOTBALL! HELLO! Pirates are in the playoff and TT is playing UT today. WOW!

It's a good day.

Love Does,