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the one where Cooper plays Idalou

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I've been a little absent from this blog. I guess I've been trying to process the thought of "no more chemo". Yes. I was super excited to be done and through with this phase of my life. But in a way I was a little let down, you know? After all, even though it was my last treatment I was still feeling the effects of it and I wasn't quite in the PARTY, let's celebrate mood. I'm getting that way though. Every morning I entertain thoughts about driving south and finding the ocean. But life is still going on here and I have responsibilities. Obligations. Things to do.

I have much to share here. Thoughts to get out of my head. I mean, most of the time I post BB pictures within a few hours. And I did share a few from this game on Instagram, but something kept me from finishing the edit. Something held me back from looking at these completely. You will notice when you pour through these many that I'm sharing here that Summer Zoe's face is missing. I mean you will find her on the bench in sweats, but she's not currently playing. I'll fill you in on another day. After all, this blog post is about Cooper playing Idalou. With or without Summer Zoe.

Also, I might add our Mighty Pirates beat Abilene Wylie tonight in football. I listened on the radio while I finished these pictures. It sure felt good. Very good. I can only imagine the celebration going on while the Pirate Nation heads home in the cold. WOO HOO! Now that's definite cause for celebration!

Enjoy these images, and remember as always, MORE ON THE PIRATE GALLERY.