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the one with Megan + Andrew, a wedding at the Orchard in Azle, Texas

I'm blogging out of my normal timeline. I normally don't do that, but I needed a little extra time. My mom flew in on Saturday and any good girl in the US knows that when momma comes to town, all life stops. It's time for snacks on the couch, deep conversations and lots of laughs. It just never lasts long enough. In fact, I'm guessing any good girl outside the US knows this as well. Momma + Daughters are tight. Yep. TIGHT.

Anyway, Megan + Andrew got married!

That's the main point of this blog conversation. And I was lucky enough to photograph it. It was AWESOME! The venue was awesome, the people were awesome, the stuff I got to photograph? AWESOME.

Enjoy the sneak peek. :)

We started off the day at Megan's house. Without Andrew of course. Just the girls getting their glam on.

I love big curlers with pretty light! Makeup in the dining room, hair in the master bath. Worked great!Megan is a doll! This is Megan's mom. She has a funny story about love birds and wine. You should ask her sometime.

And this little peanut is the groom's niece. How cute is she? The location the couple chose is just north of Ft. Worth. It's GORGEOUS! And me and this tree above, forged a deep friendship based around beautiful images. I could barely keep my camera off this bad boy. It worked great for preformals.When you work a wedding that has the ceremony and reception at the same location, it's a plus-plus for me. Or is that a win-win? You get to see everything come together and sniff cake ahead of time. YES. I have a cake addiction. I'll admit it. I think this bible above is the bride's daddy's bible. Sweet little Jax carried it down the aisle.Lovely fall bouquet!And lovely 1/2 dressed groom!They exchanged gifts before the ceremony. Hand written notes were so sweet! Great moment for me to photograph.I think peanut was impressed by her uncle's composition capabilities. She seemed happy. And check out the fine groomsmen below. HELLO! Ready for their closeups.

Oh, sweet Jax! How you warm my heart! Back in the bride's room...Lots of expectations and conversations and TONS of "have you seen.. or where is..." It was wonderful chaos for me to photograph. I love that! But plenty of smiles and love as well.

Gorgeous dress!Megan's shoes were her something blue. Well done! And the bracelet below? It was her grandmother's necklace. How cool is that?We had ample time to step outside and grab some images before the ceremony. Love the purple with that gorgeous tree behind!And how sweet are these matching toes! Toes that can definitely run fast! I loved that I had some quick time to spend with the lithe peeps of this wedding! These peeps unite and take over the dance floor later. So much fun!Dad had a moment with his girl before the ceremony. LOVE!Okay, ribbons are a great idea!And I don't mind other's shooting photos if they look this cute doing it.And the walk! Every girls dreams about this. Walking towards her groom.I'm not sure Jax knew what was going on. But I love this shot all the same.We did!And he (above) did it!Such a pretty wedding party! And plenty of time and great light for some quick shots of the happy couple!

The reception was cold. I'm not gonna lie. But somehow, having the dance floor outside and everyone moving and jamming, it worked! It turned out perfect.Oh, and this couple! How could I forget. This guy knows every word to songs you and I have forgotten about. Rain in Africa for example. HELLO! Impressed. And I'm sure his date was as well. LOLPARTY!Congratulations you two! It was an AWESOME night!

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