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the one where the LCHS Pirates play Shallowater in football

It is with a heavy heart that I post these photos. I mean it was my first game to attend and photograph in a while. HELLO! Chemo. UGH...and it was cold. So I could only physically photograph until the end of the 3rd quarter. This cold aversion stuff is a bitch when the temp drops. UGH...not fun to have your camera burn your face when shooting. Very strange feeling to have cold burn like that.

The Pirates lost to Shallowater last night. It wasn't lack for trying or effort, dang it. It was just some really crappy turnovers that Shally executed to points. UGH...many times there are turnovers that don't rack up points for the other team, but not last night. And it's hard to bounce back when you are 3 TD's down. My heart hurt. My face, feet and hands did too, but mostly my heart. I like to win. Who doesn't? And HELLO! These boys are still in the playoffs, so I will get to shoot them again!

But for now, it stings and hurst. Nurse the wounds and come back out strong and fighting!!!

Go Pirates!

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