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the one where I almost like google+

Let's face it. Facebook, google+, forums...they aren't the hangout for the younger crowds. They instagram and twitter, vine, and snapchat. But as a photographer, you have to do ALL of them for your work to be seen. Me? I much perfer the blog format because of the words and pictures. But I still have accounts with all the others. And then today, google+ sent me a message about their google photos and some upgrades and enhancements they have made. I will say this. It's KICKS FACEBOOK'S BOOTY! Right away you notice how much better your photos look on the web. They look fantastic! Like they do on you iPad2 when viewing. Crisp, clear, bright and shiny pretty. Just a like a new Michael Kors purse. I'm only looking Devin, not shopping. LOOKING. There is a difference. At least until you swipe the card. LOL

So check out what google photos did to some photos of mine. Super cool! This is from our road trip to Dallas this summer!

Go check out Google Photos. If you have a gmail account it's super easy to set up. And a really cool feature? It stores all your smart phone photos so you never lose a thing.