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the one where I go to Monterey's Pep Rally

Sometimes peeps come into your life that you bond with and love like family. The kids above? Yep. To me, they are kids in my family. I've watched Brittany grow into a beautiful young lady, and along side her has been her best friend, Caden. They are the same age as my Summer Zoe and all are good friends. When Summer Zoe was nominated for Homecoming Princess, Brittany was as well, at Monterey. How cool is that? What's not cool about it, they are the same night. HELLO! UGH...

But I did manage to go to their pep rally. I was totally bummed about not being able to see the Homecoming Ceremony, but hey, you can't win them all.

Congratulations, Brittany! And Congrats, Cade! The girl he escorted was crowned Queen!

For more pep rally pictures, CLICK HERE.

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