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If you follow me on Instagram, this will feel like a repeat. Just warning you.

Guess who we saw Friday night? Yep! Rascal Flatts! The Band Perry and Cassidy Pope were there as well, and I must confess...ALL performed AMAZINGLY! I'm serious! I would not say that unless I absolutely meant it. It was a great concert! I would highly recommend it if you have the chance to go, GO. We got our money's worth!

I went with Jordan and her mom, Carol. Haley and of course Summer Zoe. Sooooo much fun!

I didn't take my big camera. Just my iPhone. It did pretty darn good, I must confess. Of course, we had great seats! When they came out to the edge of the stage, we were less than 20 feet! It was sooooo cool.

We danced and danced and cheered and "woo hoo'd" and sang along with the songs we knew and even tried on the songs I didn't know. I had so much fun! Everyone in a while you need to shake your booty with your girlfriends and just dance to the music. I hadn't done that, well since my last wedding reception with Toni and Kim. Right? LOL

When The Band Perry performed, they covered a FUN song, Some Nights. I went crazy! That had to be my favorite part of their set. And I must say, the outfit the lead singer and sister had on was to DYE FOR! HELLO! I'm looking for a skirt like she had on. Too cute. And I hear, the black mini IS the item piece for fall. With my skinny chemo chicken legs, tights must be worn. But HELLO! I don't mind.

Picture below really shows off my short do. I cut it before Homecoming. I just had to. It was so thin and I couldn't do anything with it. This is so much better. For now. I was sitting in church today staring at my sis-in-law's long pretty hair and I got a bit sad and weepy and old feeling. I'm not saying it can ever grow long again, but I have to try. Just to see if it's really curly and red, like I'm praying it will be. LOL

Love does,

Kristin | professional light chaser