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I believe in REAL moments. So I wanted to talk about photographs and how I approach a wedding getting those real moments. The pre-formals at my weddings typically take place BEFORE the ceremony, hence the "pre" in the word, pre-formals. It's dang important to get photos of you and those that matter in those moments before you walk down the aisle, say those words and then your life changes forever. I approach them always from a lighting standpoint. I want my subjects to look good, feel good and most importantly, not take forever. HELLO! Typically, pretty heels hurt and the last thing you want is hurt feet from posing for hours for your photographer. My pre-formals typically last 15-20 minutes for each side. I start with the guys and his family and then move to the bride's side. Most of my couples do not want a First Look. But remember, the wedding isn't about me, it's about the couple. I listen to what they want and work accordingly.

It's still my job to get those photos, I just try and make it as simple and easy as possible.

The photos I'm sharing here were taken in the room where the bride got ready. Normally, this doesn't happen, but this place had gorgeous lighting and HELLO! Air-conditioning!!! Gotta love that! This wedding was NOT in Lubbock, by the way. In Lubbock, you get horrible overhead lighting in the bride's room and typically no windows. So, I check out the surroundings and usually pull them outdoors or close to it for their pre-formals.

This is the bride and her dad and I removed the flowers so they could hold each other and just BE. It's just a few minutes, but this moment will be remembered for so much longer. Try and take the time to preplan where you need your subjects and make sure they are as comfortable as possible, enjoying those that matter to them the most.

The picture on the bottom right? Taken after the one below. Expression is priceless! I love this job!

Love Does,

Kristin | professional light chaser