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the one where we crown a Homecoming Queen at Cooper

Guess who made Homecoming Court? YEP! Our Summer Zoe! Woo Hoo!!! We are so excited for you!!!

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I'm still here! Just had a rough week and needed rest. But I'm back in the office today, editing like crazy and getting caught up on all my PIRATE orders and I'll have some LBMS and CMS Football Guys to show you. I may be in treatment, but this girl has been busy. It keeps me going.

You may notice also in these pictures, that I've had a haircut. A drastic one! My hair hasn't been this short since birth. And I was born bald. But it works for now. 3 treatments left = 6 weeks. I've got this.

I've got to warn you though...PICTURE OVERLOAD! And as always, more images on the Cooper Pirate Gallery. Be sure and check it out! You can order prints if needed, or simply share your favorites on facebook. It totally ROCKS!

I love the way the Homecoming Court Looked. Gorgeous girls!!! And to have Coach Dilley and Sara Cayton show up, well that was simply icing on the cake. Thanks, you two!!! I know we didn't the chance to really visit, but you totally made so many Pirates happy!!! You two look so young and gorgeous yourselves, HELLO! I'm surprised we weren't voting for you!!!

We had some alumni in the HOUSE!!! Hello, Adrian Smith and Bailee Cowan! We sure miss these girls, but super proud of the two of you!!! Many of the Cooper Alumni rushed at TT and found their home. Also, my niece Brooke came to the game and it was so cool to hang out with her. LOVE THAT!

I think my favorite part of Cooper Homecoming is that it's like our version of the Academy Awards! I love seeing what dresses the princesses choose. So much fun! And huge thank you to Keri Bednarz for making these beautiful mums! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! So neat to have our girls on the court together!!!! And I loved how we spent the afternoon at the salon together. Cody, you ROCK. LOL If you follow me on instagram, then you'll know why I'm thanking him. The dude looks good at the salon. Just sayin'.

Kalyn couldn't come because of school, games, but it was so cool because a part of her was there. Sami, one of the Homecoming Princesses borrowed her red dress that Kalyn wore at Homecoming. She looked SOOOOOOO pretty in that red dress! LOVED that!!!! You'll know her when you see her. You can't miss her!

All the pictures from the ceremony were taken by Kenda Davies. A big shout out to you, girl, for covering this for me! I couldn't do both. After crowning, I grabbed my camera and shot away. :) And bonus! The boys WON the game. How cool was that?

Enjoy the pictures and thank you everyone for making Cooper Homecoming 2013 a HUGE SUCCESS!

Congratulations to Amber!!! She was crowned Cooper's Homecoming Queen for 2013!!! She looked beautiful in her green emerald dress. Needless to say, the girl was surprised! I love that!!

Love does,