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I have to confess to writing this blog post in my jammies. I've been cleaning house and editing photos and trying to take it easy. But HELLO! I keep coming back to these pictures. LOL

Yesterday was so much fun! We had the Homecoming Pep Rally and the gym was rocked out! They pepped it up a bit from the last pep rally I attended and the student body was ROCKIN'! I love Homecoming Pep Rally because we get to see all the pretty shoes the girls wear.

Below, Summer and Piper. These two go way back to 4th grade! Lots of history and memories between these two!And Summer's escort was Austin Alonzo. I went with Austin's Dad to Washington, DC many moons ago. Oh, my gosh! We had so much fun!! On the right? Miss Sydni Bednarz and her guy, Cody Lackey. Summer and Syndi have grown up together, so for her and Summer both to be on court is sooooo cool! The Bednarz Family is representing Cooper this week! Kind of like when Kalyn and Boo were on Homecoming Court together. LOVED THAT! Austin was a total sweetheart and clued Summer in on what was going to happen on their long walk across the court. HELLO! She was nervous! I guess I would be to in front of all those people in heels. I love watching the band! Let me just say, we have the coolest band EVER. They move, they groove, and these people can play! I love it when they are playing! Just something about those drums and that beat. Way to go BAND!

Pretty mommas sitting courtside. We all have Seniors graduating this year.Happy Hair!I'm not sure if there ever was a dude that wore his hair like this in Kiss. And if he did? Why did he not dye his beard? Huh? Why?Now time for all the Homecoming Candidates and the top 5 COURT. WOO HOO! I'm not sharing all the shoes here because even though I love them so, the moms want these pretty cute shining faces. Summer was nominated from Student Council. She's serves on Summit and it seems like is up at school early many mornings per week. Austin? Can you work on that? I hate mornings and I'm pretty sure she does too. LOLMy beautiful girl! Super proud of YOU! You didn't trip? Woo HOO!Then the guys were announced for King.Don't you just love all the swagger?

Something they do every year that is so much fun, each organization does a float around the theme and then they vote a winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Top 5 Homecoming Court at Good Ole' Cooper High! From l-r, Summer Bednarz, Sydni Bednarz, Bailey Davis, Sami Smith, and Amber Ybarez. (if I'm spelling correctly.)All the pretty ladies!

Coach pumped up the boys!Super Happy that Caden and Brittany showed up to support Summer. HELLO! Monterey's Homecoming was the same night. Big Bummer as Brittany was nominated for court. I went to the pep rally earlier in the day. I'll share those photos later. LOVE these girls!!!! Queens in my book every day!!!!

Love Does,