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I've never hidden my obsession with "Happy Hair". You can read about it more HERE. I love movement and emotion in a photo. Happy Hair is very easy to photograph, well, sort of easy. I mean the subject does move around, but it you time it right, you can get some fun pictures. And they never cease to make me happy. I mean, COME ON! Just look at that shot above? Makes you wanna jump on a bike, pedal fast downhill and feel the wind in your hair!

Love me some Happy Hair.

Also, I'm so far behind on my Blogtember that I may be pushing it to October to catch up. Maybe I should start BLOCKTOBER, I mean after all, it's my birthday month. And I really want to blog about some of the subjects. I've so enjoyed reading all the others. Yep. I may have to blog again today, folks.

Love Does,


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