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Wednesday, September 11:Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

Oh, this is right up my ally, but kind of weird since it's scheduled for September 11th. Really? But maybe we need to get our minds off the carnage that day? Not sure. But since I'm behind on my blogtember, and posting this 11 days late, I'm good SHOPPING!

I'm one of those girls that LOVES to visually shop, but not so much actually going out there and finding treasures myself. I mean, I don't mind when my girls need shopping done, that's fun! But me? Not so much.

Okay, the Gap has closed in Lubbock. OH MY GOSH!!! That was my one "go to" place to find clothes. And now? I find myself going down to Express, and HELLO! I'm not that cool to wear Express. For one thing, it's curve hugging. UGH...not these curves baby. They are so not ready for you. That said, I found the outfit I wore Thursday and Friday at Express. Very cute!

I bought mine in black, of course. I always lean towards the darker colors when dressing up. Not sure why? But this time I chose it because it's PIRATE colors and Summer Zoe wore black to Homecoming. (and yes, I'm posting Friday's pictures soon!)

Okay, of course Gap. But seriously, anything with the words "boyfriend" in the clothing description? It gets me. HELLO cute little shorts in bright poppy with the rolled cuffs. I could live in you. :)

CB2 is where I purchased dishes after my 20+ year old dinnerwear wore out. I purchased this set below with out the cups and stuff. Just bowls and plates which is what we use the most. This stuff is heavy, but AWESOME for the microwave or oven. And dishwasher safe. PLUS, we love that they are FLAT on the bottom so all your food doesn't get mushed together. I also got them DIRT CHEAP last year, as in 50% off! LOVE deals like that!


We are not big ticket purchase item peeps. We have a kit in college at UT and there's just not enough dough to furnish this house (which is for sale, BTW. CLICK HERE. I need to blog about that, as well.) So, I fantasy shop all the time about what I would do in this cool space! HELLO! I LOVE this open feel concept of our home, but we need more things to spice it up. I obsess about couches. Heck, just go follow me on Pinterest and you'll see how many "living spaces" I've pinned over the years. LOVE looking, just can't buy. But it is so fun looking!

Here's just a few cozy pictures below. I LOVE the couches in all of these. They look like a great space to sit and visit or sleep, or read a book. JUST BE. You know?

That's about it for now. Off to edit more lovely photos! So many good moments, folks. So many!

Love Does,




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