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I'm excited.

I'm feeling pretty good. A bit sniffly, but otherwise, as best as can be expected. And I've been staying busy with lots of editing and even a few shoots. It makes me feel NORMAL and gets my mind off treatment. Now if I could just get my tummy off treatment, life would be most excellent.

Yesterday I photographed the football kids at Cooper Middle School. Great looking bunch of boys! Of course "the boy" below isn't a CMS student. He's HS all the way, baby! But you know how I feel about blogs. Unless they have pictures, the post isn't completely dressed. The are like the accessory. Scroll down and you will see one hell of an accessory, my youngest daughter. Who just happens to be in the Homecoming Court. The Princess Jokes have been bouncing off the walls in this house!

She's absolutely STUNNING!

We shot these a few weeks ago during a FRIENDS + ME SESSION. I had to share it because I'm super proud of her! She's working hard and staying tired. I mean, really? What HS kid isn't these first few weeks of school? Worn out, is a good word. We are looking forward to the weekend.

I'll say one thing about Homecoming that I wish Cooper would change. Granted, most moms probably LOVE it, but me? Being the photographer of the family? NO. Let the dads or the football guys escort the girls and let the moms stay in the stands with their cameras. You know? Really? I mean, I guess I'm thrilled to be standing next to her like I was her sister 2 years ago. It's just nerve wracking.

Especially when your hair is thinning and you weird chemo skin makes you look like a crack junkie. I'd much prefer to be behind the lens, snapping away.

Congratulations on Homecoming, Summer Zoe!