the one where Cooper plays Snyder, and WE WIN!


I just couldn't help myself! And there's even more on the Cooper Gallery!

Cooper played Snyder last night I made it to the game!! Woo Hoo! I was so pumped to watch our Pirates play! Of course I had to take pictures. I love being on the sidelines in the middle of all this action. It was such a great game! Our student body came out in full force and PUMPED up the sidelines with all their "on their feet" screams! They were AWESOME! Even when we were 13 points down, I think that was it, they were on their feet cheering! And then, we went for it, 4th down and something like mega yards to go and WE MADE IT! The crowd went wild! Add to that Jordan's game winning touchdown in the final seconds of the game and HELLO! SUPER PRIDE KICKED IN and I was screaming right along side Mr. Enloe!

Great Game Pirates! We are super proud of you!!!!

Love does,

Kristin | professional light chaser

Someone gave Jordan a megaphone. Hmm...the girl is pretty loud on her own. But go fot it! Maybe the Tigers in Slaton can hear her cheer! LOL

Love it when our Pirates run out with smoke. Oh, yeah!This guy below was fun to watch all night! I loved turning back and catching little glimpses in the stand of kids just having fun! Super cool.LOVE!Here the are! Our fabulous Student Body!Hello, Kolton's pretty kicks! And nice TOUCHDOWN! BAM! In the special light that I love and adore and worship and chase! Nicely done!Pull on my shirt and I will STILL MAKE A TOUCHDOWN!

Okay, I interrupt this blog posting for some cuteness OVERLOAD! This little peanut below belongs to Coach Bridges. MELT MY HEART! She's adorable!

I didn't realize until after I instagramed this it was Kirby! AWESOME!Celebrating is always fun!I don't have the BIG lenses that some of the sports shooters have in Lubbock. I wish I did, but with kids in college and bills to pay, there's no way I can fork over $6900 for a lens. NO WAY. So, instead I make use of what I've got.

70-200 with an extender on one body until the sun goes down, and then I take off the extender to get the speed up to par under those lights. Then on my 2nd body, I put my 50 or 24. It's a great way to get the shots on the sidelines. I'm typically squished in between some awesome smelling BIG PIRATES. Yep. It's where I wanna be. And I'm so thankful they let me. Other wise, I coudn't get the cool shots I do.

Thanks, guys! You rock!

LOVE the warrior paint!Drawing up some strategic play to get us back in the ball game. At this point we were pretty far down.

LOVE these three! They were on their feet a good part of the game as well!See? CHEERING!Mr. Keane doing what he does best. I found a few other sports shooters on the sidelines with me! LOVE!

Okay, 1/2 time is a great time to get off your feet and listen to our awesome band! I love the negative space in these two shots and HELLO! Girl below? Nice job on that flute playing! I'm in awe of anyone that can perform musically. I can air guitar with the best of them, but it stops there.And my favorite cheerleaders EVER! I gotta get them documented as well! I seriously thought he was going to catch this one. And I know, he didn't, but it 's a great shot showing off those kicks!


I managed to get a few STRESSED out parents! They were awesome as well! Lots of cheering for our boys!Poor fellow. It was KILLING him not to be able to play. That or he was in need of more pain killers. Maybe both?Go Kolton, Go!Can you find my kid?Okay, this next series I shall title, "Coaching Sharades". Quite fun, actually, to figure out what they are trying to tell those boys. I think it was something to Keaton about downing the ball to stop the clock. But I loved the dancing anyway. I give them a 10 for synchronization!

WOO HOO! Game winning touchdown on the blog!!! Way to go Jordan!!!! Super cool and you've got quite the frog legs fella!Let the celebration begin!!!!Ha! I love our PIRATES!WORN OUT!Okay, after the school song, Coach gave a speech to the boys and I swear he choked up. Especially when he got the game ball from Stanton. Super cool, by the way! This man aged 10 years in the last few weeks. Someone buy him a day at the man spa. Deal? Maybe when the season is over? Or maybe every Wednesday! Ha! One thing he said that stuck in my head was about HEART. It was the PERFET thing to say. I'm just a bystander, a story teller, and I felt the same thing coming from the stands, from the kids, from the players. EVERYONE really.

Bravo, Cooper!LOVE THESE PIRATES!!!The cool thing about Cooper is as big as it is getting, you can always find your long time friends.

Until next week...