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Friday, September 6:A story about a time you were very afraid.

Oh, gosh! I'm a wimp, so I've been scared a bunch in my life. But they asked for a story this time. I'm participating in a monthly blog adventure where we write each day and have a topic to help us get started. It's called Blogtember and if you have a blog, CLICK HERE and start writing. It's so much fun and a great way to keep your blog updated. I've signed up for things before, like a picture a day, journaling, etc. and I can never finish. But a month? A month? I can do that, right?

One blogger did a bullet style writing where she listed the times she was scared in her life. Do you folks really have that much time? Seriously. Here's just a few.

  • Building a fort with my sister and friends in our playroom and taping the blanket to the wall. When we went to take it down, it took down 1/2 the veneer on the paneling with it! YIPES. I think that was the first time I heard the words, "just wait till your father get's home."
  • Playing "spin the bottle" in 5th grade and getting my first kiss from Mark. My sister caught us and HELLO! I was sure Mom would lock me in my room for at least a decade. She didn't tell.
  • riding an airplane for the first time in 4th grade at night! I was sure we would crash but was warned not to say those words. My out loud prayers had "blanks" in them. "Lord, please don't let us ______."
  • getting attacked by a dog in my front yard. Watching that doberman run across the street, right at me, and I froze. Yep. FROZE.
  • forgetting to put on my bra in 7th grade and going to school braless. No one could tell but me, but still!!!!
  • wearing a "flat is beautiful" t-shirt in junior high and getting sent to the office. That was a fun day!
  • almost peeing my pants while holding a boy's hand for the first time, because I was afraid to let go.

These are all moments of growing up and dealing with life and learning life lessons. But scared? Really scared? 2004 comes to mind.

I had a car crash in 2004. That was scary enough. I rolled a Ford Explorer a few times down the road and ended up in a cotton field. I had broken both my legs. And my husband had to tell our two small kids that mommy wasn't coming home. UGH...breaks my heart to even think about it. We weren't sure what all I would have to go through rehab wise and just when we were figuring things out, my mom got very sick and I had to fly to CA to be with her. My sister was there, but they weren't sure Mom was going to make it and HELLO! Broken legs or not, I'm going to see her. She's my mom!!! She was airlifted to UC Davis in Sacramento and I had to fly by myself, with wobbly legs and a walker, to go and see her. I was so scared something would happen before I got there. It was awful. The feeling of being in flight and not knowing what you would find out when you got on the ground. Add to that, being unsure I could even handle all the walking and would someone have to take care of me? So many unknowns.

Everything worked out OK. Mom had wonderful docs at the hospital and even though she still has health issues to deal with, she's here with us. Alive and kicking!

When I'm scared, really scared. I pray. Sometimes it's a conversation with Him, other times, it's the Our Father. I can't tell you how many times the "Our Father" has brought me peace. It totally has.

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