the one where my kid turns 20

We celebrated Kalyn Marie's birthday early. We flew her home from Austin and spent all day Sunday (and a good part of Monday morning) celebrating!! It was so much fun! I love it when no plans are made and somehow it becomes the best party ever? Do you know what I mean?

First of all, my beautiful niece, Brooke is a Freshman at TT. She's also just pledged Theta there and we are super proud and happy for her! She's going to have so much fun!!! And of course, with her being here local, we invited her out to our house for some swimming and free food. Always a good thing when you are a broke college student. Heck, I would have even done her laundry for her, had she not done it herself earlier. Brooke, if you are reading this, I'm serious girl.

The three beautiful blondes are below and they sure enjoyed the day together. Great grandma was here and Devin cooked ribs. Yep. Birthday girl is a vegan and he cooks ribs. I'm telling you, you can't remove the West Texas out of him EVER. I didn't care because he also grilled some squash and spoiled all the females in the house rotten with some deep fried in the Fry Daddy, Home FRIES! Total YUM!

And he even got to swim in his own pool for the first time! I'm telling you folks, this boy is working hard. It's September and he finally swam. And when he did? HE SWAM ALL NIGHT. Until 2 AM! Good thing he didn't have his "real job" the next morning. Yep, he works at Scott Manufacturing here in Lubbock as his "9-5er" and then comes home quickly to regroup and grab a quick bit to eat. Check in on us girls and he's off again to our liquor store, The Bull Stop. Quick! Go like our facebook page. We need more fans/likes!

Grandma came over and brought a ton of candy and goodies! She's the best, I'm telling you! We still have candy left over! Hang on...heading to get a carmel now. LOL

And then, we were trying on heels and it was so funny to see America's Next Top Model standing next to IdaLee! LOL I love this series of photos! I swear Great Grandma, Idalee wanted in on the action, as well. Can't leave that woman out! HELLO! She trumps us all!

And then the fun started. Hello! College Girls with long legs and hair. You are so pretty!It was about at this time that Brooke muttered the words in between the laughter, something about "the blog" and how pictures of her always end up on there. And no with her approval, I might add. I just press the button folks, they provide the entertainment.I was so happy to see Becca stop by! She's Kayn's oldest and dearest friend and we love her so. I swear I'd keep her as my own if her momma would let me. She's that good. Not even kidding. She stayed the night and played volleyball with us until the wee hours. FUN TIMES!

We are in love with this cake! We made it for Davida's birthday and made it again for Kalyn's. So so good! It's a lemon cake with the BEST ever frosting! Lots of yummy, moist, goodness!And of course we sang, Happy Birthday! Um...Grandma conducted, let me just say. I have video, but I'm keeping it private to protect the innocent.LOVE THIS!!!Summer got her a Longhorn Charm. I forgot to take a photo of it. Darn! It's super cute and something Kalyn has wanted for ages!Okay, TT vs. UT. Just check out this series. Grandma and Chief had gotten them some college goodies and the girls were showing them off. If Summer decides to go to TCU, well, I'm just sayin', the colors are pretty.

Love these girls!!!

I don't have many pictures of the rest of the night, but we swam, played volleyball, had lots of friends stop by and just enjoyed the night and wee hours of the morning!

Special shout out to Grant Heinrich and Bradly! So much fun having you guys here! And you too Casey! I sure do love Kalyn's bunch of friends!

Love does,

Kristin | professional light chaser