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the one where kalyn marie plays soccer again!

I brag about my kids from time to time, but not over excessively. Right?


Kalyn Marie made the University of Texas's Club Soccer team and they are playing here in Lubbock tomorrow @ 1PM against Texas Tech.

How cool is that?!?!

I couldn't be more proud!!! We've had some of our best memories around a soccer field growing up. She played for Lonestar Club Team and with many of the same girls for years. They grew close. And we did too, with the parents. Once we moved to Cooper, we knew they didn't have soccer, and we were tempted to transfer into Lubbock, but we didn't. We stayed and basketball and softball became our lives. Once Kalyn got to college, one of her ADPi sisters played for UT and talked about it with her. She always missed the game! And she thought about it more and more and decided, who cares if I haven't played in 5 years! I'm trying out anyway. So she did. AND SHE MADE IT!

Woo Hoo!

I'm super proud!

And because no blog post is worth it's salt without visual photos to go with it, enjoy these few here from her soccer years!

Go Kalyn, GO!