the one with useful advice

September 5th: Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered

I'm completely self taught at this photography thing. I took a class or two, but basically taught myself through books and AOL chat rooms. Remember those? Well, I've met some wonderful people through my love of photography and in 2005, I flew to New Orleans to 2nd shoot with a fellow photographer. It was so much fun! It was a great wedding, full of New Orlean's influence and style. We had brass band, we did the thing in the street where you dance, we did it all! I learned TONS that weekend with the other shooters and one thing I've always remembered was the "take 3 shots and the middle one is sharp" rule.

We were walking about the city the night before the wedding, taking pictures and eating and drinking and just enjoying the atmosphere. We just had our cameras and a lens. Nothing much. And I remember being upset because I didn't bring a tripod to take waterfront pictures. Laura, the photographer I was with told me to fire of three images and typically the middle one will be sharp. She was right!

Now it's a lazy way to shoot, but if you've forgotten your tripod and have not where to set your camera down, it works!

Love does,

Kristin | professional light chaser