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September 4th: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

Oh, this question stirs my soul! Take 3 months off from what I'm going through and do ANYTHING? Anything? Oh, to dream! I mean come on! What momma with kids can take 3 months and just LEAVE? Even if those kids can drive and wipe their butts, it's still a dream, right?

I've thought about this all day yesterday. And because I'm in the middle of chemo, or towards the end, all I could think about was feeling good. Feeling good for 3 months! Gosh, that would be AWESOME! I think that's the hardest thing about this walk is knowing I take myself there, to JACC every other Monday and purposely hook myself up to poison. And then I feel bad for an entire week. Just bad. That's the only way to describe it.

So, if I had 3 months off from that, I would so go to the beach and stay as long as I could soaking in long walks and picking up sea shells. I miss the beach.

I miss the sound of the water. The wind.

I miss the feeling of wet sand and the footprints it leaves behind.

I'm not sure I would do much else.

I mean, I know many, many women who have given their life to missions overseas in 3rd world countries. And I've been asked to go before. To document it. But I don't feel the call. I think it's the soft heart of compassion and fearful that I wouldn't be able to come home. So rule out missionary trip.

But to go to the beach and just sit with a book. Or walk with your dog. Or swim in the ocean bobbing up and down. That's what I would do.

What about you?

Love does,

Kristin | professional light chaser

I feel like a total turd for not running off to the starving children. Yes. I being selfish.