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Tuesday, Sept. 3:Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

This is a picture of my Dad on the far right, with his mom + sister. It was taken by my Deedad at Knott's Berry Farm many moons ago. I love this photo and have it in my home. Why do I love it so? The look on my Aunt Barbara's face. It's pure happiness! She's having so much fun sitting on that statue's lap! She's caught in the middle of a joyful moment and it just makes me so happy! We spend so much time of our day full of worry and plans that we sometime forget how much fun it is to laugh.

I'm participating in a Blogtember writing thing, to see if I can share more of my life on this blog. Today's topic? Where do I come from? What makes me ME.

II was born in Lexington, KY. It's my Dad's hometown and place he lives now. But I've lived in many different places.







and every single summer of my life in Long Beach, CA.

My mom + dad were married for 11 years. They has my sister Kim first, and then me. I stare in the mirror somedays and see my mom. I used to see my dad. As the gray hair came in, I'm all her. But if you get me and Dad together side by side, we definitely favor each other. They divorced when I was in 3rd grade and life got pretty rough. We saw him at Christmas and every summer for a few weeks. It wasn't near enough to develop a deep relationship, especially for a daughter who needs her dad, but we came together when I was older and put the past behind us and really got to know each other. We both still have our faults but we still have each other as well, and I'm so very thankful for that.

But during that time, we lived with my Mom's grandparents. And I'm so thankful we did! They looked out for us, loved us, and nurtured us. I was outside in the garden, in the woods, down by the lake, you name it! It was a great place to live and be loved.

My dad sang with The Gospel Lads and they traveled quite frequently so he was on the road singing most of the time. Mom stayed home and raised us and we saw him on breaks. Once he even took me on tour with him. I remember sleeping on the bus and thinking that was so cool. To wake up in another state? Very cool. I learned to water ski that trip, somewhere in Michigan with very cold water and a tiny red and white striped bikini that I thought was so old and mature! It's funny what memories stick in our heads.

As a kid, I yearned for stability and one place to be. You know, to dig in and be a part of a community, instead of always moving and trying to fit in. I've gotten that with marriage and the West Texas Community. Slaton is our hometown, and Lubbock Cooper is my community. I'm very thankful for all the places I've been and the lived, as they made me get out there and meet people. But I love having a place to call home and know the folks deep in my bones.

I've definitely "dug in". LOL

Love does,

Kristin | professional light chaser

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