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Okay, I have a confession to make.

I'm totally crapping out poop from my camera right now. HELLO! I used to be good at shooting volleyball. Seriously, folks. I was. CLICK HERE to view some images.

This is why it's good we aren't in district right now. By district, I should have my poop together and be pumping out some crazy good stuff. Right now? It's OK. But it ain't rocking my shorts or anything. You know?

I was happy to see the YEARBOOK GIRLS there shooting! Loved helping that class out and excited to see what they all they get and capture. You know me and pictures. Love looking at pictures!

The Lady Pirates won last night! HOLLAR! Love watching these girls play! Heck you know me, anything Pirate and I love. It's slowly becoming an obsession. After the game last night, I passed by Laura Bush and almost stopped. Yep. Kids on field playing. Now that I type this, I sort of wish I had stopped. NEXT TIME, Kristin, next time.

Okay, now on to the photos! As always, you can view more on the PIRATE GALLERY.

The girls were having fun! That's for sure!

Oh, and Megan Allen was Player of the Week. HOLLA! The girl is a bad ass, just sayin'. LOVE the intensity in her face when she plays. Girl ain't scared, that's for sure.You do know I only pulled the good shots and deleted like 400 or so of my bad ones. VERTICAL is the key to shooting volleyball. KEY. But yet, here I am, shooting horizontal. UGH...shooting myself now.

Still, good action!See! INTENSE!Lots of lip biting in volleyball.Okay, TERMINATOR feeling here. This is Megan's legs. She's totally committed to her game. She's living it day by day and pushing through the pain. And I know she's wearing these for support on those bad knees, but HELLO! They totally look like the terminator coming to battle. LOL LOVE! Hang in there, Megan. Hang in there.Happy Hair! And down below, a GUNs UP! LOVE!See, these girls LOVE this game! Okay, I almost didn't post this, but please understand the Denver City girl was OK. She got right up and continued to play. I just thought this was a funny picture from my point of view. No?Morgan, you are so fun! And pretty. LOVE!Good WIN Lady Pirates! And please understand, as you get better, I get better. Next game, bad ass photos will go up. Promise.

LOVE these girls!!! Until next time,

Love Does,

Kristin | professional light chaser

PS If you have "happy hair" pictures you'd like to share, I would LOVE to see them! You can email me at info@kristinbednarz.com