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It's no secret I haven't blogged much. No secret at all. I've been on facebook and instagram and even twittered a time or two. But blog? Not so much. And I hate that because I love going back through my archives to see what I was up to.

That's why when importing photos from my iPhone I remembered to blog about our little TCU trip. HELLO! Okay, so it wasn't really a TCU trip, because only a few of these kids even wanna go to TCU. But when you take kids on a trip and feed them, water them, drive them, they will go visit a college or two. After all, they do need a ride home. LOL

Last year, we took most of this bunch camping down south. You can read all about it HERE. I hope we can always do something with this bunch of kids. They are so much fun. They make you laugh so much your abs hurt. That's a good thing!From L-R: John Michael, Zack, Caden, Brittany, Cory, Kat, Summer and Taylor. They call themselves The Salty Spitoon Squad, but I refer to them as the Funky Bunch. You know, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? They are a mix of friends from different schools, different walks of life, and put them all together, and it's total fun!

We loaded up 2 vehicles and piled the girls in one and the boys in the other. This made for some interesting text messages, pictures, etc. going back and forth. NOT the drivers, of course. Safety first with this bunch. The moon may have even been out that day. Not gonna post that picture. I'm not sure my eyes will ever be the same again. The moon isn't always pretty, just saying. And we played around with Toni's new lenses she got for her iPhone. Pretty cool and whacked for sure!We had so much fun! I totally recommend throwing some good peeps in to a vehicle and just driving! Of course, when you take Toni anywhere near a Taco Casa, you are stopping. YUM. Okay, so my pictures get a little out of time here. What we did on this trip was mainly stay at a hotel. Me and Toni anyway. We booked a cheap place with breakfast included. Two suites with plenty of space and a place for us. We were just along for the ride, literally on this trip. We would take the kids to Six Flags, the Water Park, to eat, to shop, etc. And then we'd go back to the hotel and chill, work, etc. I'm not supposed to be out and about much, I'm saving it up for my shoots, and I'm definitely not supposed to be in the sun. Chemo turns your skin brown enough with the sun adding to the mix. So, we stayed back and just enjoyed ourselves. It was awesome! Okay, wait. ALMOST awesome. There was an incident one morning after dropping them off for 6 flags that involved a tire tool to the eye that we won't go into detail here. But HELLO! We did laugh and laugh.

So, the pic below? Cheescake Factory! WE love this place! There was lots of good conversation and so many laughs. Even a few "that's what she said" jokes. Oh, yeah. TOTAL FUN! Oh, and somewhere I have a video of Toni telling a funny joke. I will NEVER FORGET THAT. Great memories for sure!

Evidence of the cheesecake factory and evidence of me sunning with the moon. My kind of vacation. At least in this moment in my life before the beach can be added back in. I miss the beach.The gang in the pool the first night. After being cooped up in a car all day, this is exactly what you want!Toni and I enjoying a good laugh. Or two. Or even three.Okay, before dropping this crew off at the water park, they needed a few tattoos to blend in with the crowd. No? We are such good role models. No fear mommas, they washed off with a bit of water.

Hungry after a shopping excursion, In and Out burger hit the spot. YUM!On our way home, we made a date with TCU. It's on Summer's list of colleges, and I really wanted her to visit. Several others in the crowd wanted to see what it was all about as well. I mean, HELLO! It's important to go and see as many campuses as possible. It helps you compare things and see what each school has to offer. TCU is BIG on Greek! 45% of their student population goes greek. That's a lot! So we made it a point to visit the ADPi house. This is Kalyn's sorority and it looks good on Summer Zoe! Who knows? Maybe I'll have 2 lions in the family someday.I'm still getting used to the Horn Frog mascot. Something about shooting blood and being fierce. :)The group out on the lawn. This is where all the students hang out. Most of the student body lives on campus. I can't say I blame them. Campus is nice. :)

Before we headed home, one more group shot of The Funky Bunch.