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the one where kayla + steven get married

Hello morning time. I'm sipping my coffee and waiting for the house to wake up. It's Devin's Birthday. He's dog tired and working 2 jobs and holding it together very well. He's my rock. But I can't help but look at this photo above and think how cool would it be for him to spend a week doing nothing but looking at that? Pretty darn cool. Of course he wouldn't be able to relax because he would be thinking about the 2 jobs. LOL I'm not sure Steven relaxed much either. After all, he was getting married in a few hours and there was a score to settle from a previous game of golf earlier that year. But my, it sure is pretty to look at! Steven + Kayla got married in a lovely ceremony Saturday. It felt like Cooper Town reunion to me! Lots of good folks that I've know long-long time and so many fun people surrounding them with love! Just a great day! We need lots of great days. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Love does,