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the one with Brooke graduating from Prosper High

We're in Prosper!

My beautiful niece, Brooke is a senior at Prosper HS and she's graduating this weekend! Woo Hoo! So we loaded up Great Grandma in the van and headed to the grand town of Prosper, Texas. I had my port installed the day before. Installed. Interesting word. It was a surgery for sure, and I was a bit tired and groggy after, but did manage to work 1/2 the day and get some work done. I even managed to get some work done on the way here. Always hard when traveling due to car sickness. Not fun. Peppermint helps, but I didn't remember to grab any, so I chewed some gum, but then I read somewhere that gum stimulates your appetite, so I didn't want to chew too much. Drama in the van.

Back to graduation.

She graduated with 270+ students. I don't remember the exact count. But she was 5th in her class and HELLO! She got to give the "Welcome to Grad" speech! So cool to have her up there in front of everyone. Very cool.

They had TV cameras there and put the pictures up on the BIG screens so honestly, everyone had a good seat and could watch the festivities without craning their necks. She had family from both sides there and I really tried to make sure I got pictures of everyone, but I missed a few. Maybe today? We are all getting together again to celebrated. Someone mentioned cake. Oh, yes!

Here's Emily and Jason sitting there all super duper proud! It's a weird feeling to have your first born hit a milestone like graduation. I remember that feeling last year. You are so busy that last semester of school and then WHAM, you are sitting there all dressed up looking around at all your family and starting to feel a bit scared. Only a couple more months of having the family you know at home together. It's been 4 and in a few short months, there'll be just the 3 of them. Jack, Mom and Dad. And Brooke will come home and visit. That's it! I remember that feeling. It's exciting and scary all at the same time.

Emily and her mom, Pat below. Emily had gone and saved us seats so we wouldn't have to arrive so early.

Jason and Me. I'm not allowed to photograph my hubby. I think I've abused him too much in the past.There she is!!! The graduates started filing in. Davida and Great Grandma. 98 and present!!!!HELLO! The theme was something America and the graduates all had American flags to wave at moments during the ceremony. Very cool!This guy below played the National Anthem. And there's BROOKE! I love this shot below just so you can see how big it was. HUGE place, Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano!ValedictorianWalking the stage. We were screaming and I must confessed, I was probably the loudest. Devin elbowed me a time or two. Geez...he's no fun.I shot the crowd behind me and in front of me wide so you could get a sense of just how HUGE this place was. HELLO! We aren't in the Pirate Nation anymore.

Speaking of the Pirate Nation, have you heard they are going to STATE in Baseball? And our 2013 graduates walked the state last night as well. Afterwards, we met Brooke outside in the lobby for some quick grab shots. I practiced with my two kids waiting on Brooke to arrive.When she did she was so excited!Gave dad some hugs and then the rest of us. The family together!Great Grandma and BrookeThis is Emily's family with Brooke.

And our family with little "kiwi head". This is what we used to call her "back in the day".And then I give it the cheese EVERY TIME. Somebody stop me next time. Photographers are always awkward in front of the camera. At least this one is.

The pretty cousins!LOVE THESE FACES!!!!It was a great night and afterwards we went to eat at this place called Blue's Pub. Ever been? Nice food and good atmosphere. We'll be headed home tomorrow. Don't worry...more grad pictures coming!!!