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I can't stop myself!

So many fun times and it brings back memories of my own prom.

Imagine me in a white dress, full skirt. Just stopped at my knees. It's 1985 and hello! My hair is HUGE! With a white bow even. And yes, I have on the full paraphernalia that can only be described at 'like a virgin" from the Madonna video. Well, as much paraphernalia I could find in Stigler OK. It think I ordered my gown from the JC Penny Catalog. Yep. I did. Date? Bret. After party? The Gerald's house of course. So much fun!

Here's a shout out to all those that remember their senior prom.

Enjoy round 2 of Monterey's Prom! Once again, CLICK HERE to access the full gallery and use the passcode monterey2013.

Love does,