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Waller was humid and hot and very green. I forget how green the rest of the world is until I travel south. Clouds covered us all day Saturday, and I'm very thankful. Not sure we could have stood the heat all day. I'm sure it made Allison a bit worried. Rain on her wedding day? But it was quite beautiful all the same.

We started off with Zumba! This is a first for me. I've never had a bride Zumba the day of her wedding. And to have girls join her was especially fun! Her instructor from her weekly class came for the morning and the wedding. You'll see her in a few photos below. So much energy and so much to photograph! I didn't want to invade their privacy too much. HELLO! One can be quite vulnerable in tight work out gear. But I also wanted to tell the story of their day. Weddings can be emotional events and it was nice to see Katherine supporting her sister in all ways. Sweating together as well.

The wedding took place at Houston Oaks Country Club in front of a small chapel on the grounds. It was quite lovely and the florist did an outstanding job decorating the area. I'm a sucker for some beautiful flowers and even managed to steal a few at the end of the night. Nothing better on your pillow! Of course I forgot and left mine in the car, but hey, it was still quite lovely for the drive home.

The drive home. Oh, Lord. I don't even want to discuss it here. Let's just say it was long. It's always harder leaving.

Enjoy the sneak peek! 

Love does,

PS A big shout out to Kim Anderson for helping me out on the gig. She's an old friend and AWESOME photographer! Be sure and check out her work atwww.kbimagephoto.com.