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the one with Allison + Ben, the rehearsal

I'm in the Houston area with fluffy hair. Yep. It's humid.

I'm photographing a wedding here and brought a couple of friends to help. I wasn't sure how I would be feeling in the humidity, post surgery. And I wanted the bride to feel secure knowing that I had help in case something happened to me. I never used to have to think like this, but not anymore folks. This is adult world.

Look how gorgeous this place is! Yes, beauty needs water to be beautiful.


On the left below? Katherine + Tim, who I photographed 6 years ago in this same area. And on the right? Ben and Allison who are getting married this weekend. I'm very happy here. I can't wax poetic for very long. We are due at the country club for zumba in just a bit. I'm only photographing it, not doing it. LOL

Enjoy the sneak peek and come back next week for the wedding shots!!!

Love does,