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the one with Monterey Powder Puff 2013

After a day of being chained to my computer, I ventured out to watch a very good friend play some football.

Some "powder puff" football.

She's a junior at Monterey and I love her so.

They play football different there. There's points for 1st downs and such. Cooper doesn't play that way.

They also play their games at night. This way parents can come. Cooper plays during the day.

There's less student body this way, but it's also not so crowded on the sidelines. Not sure why? There's the same number of players on the field that we do. Oh, maybe it's the cheerleaders!

Either way, it was a fun night and we enjoyed watching/shooting the game!

Great job, Juniors! I'm sorry you lost to the Seniors, but there's always next year!!!

Love does,