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the one with kick butt prom photos, AGAIN!

I finished part 3 of PROM!!!

Only one more gallery to go.

It's taking me 2 as long to do stuff then it did before BA (bad ass...don't read Dad!). I shall refer to it as the acronym from this moment on for you. I respect and honor the parentals. It's the Law.

So, what I love most about shooting prom is definitely the personalities that come out. It's the one night to cut lose and party! Some more than others obviously, as I've heard.

But you put them in the booth and say "smile" and they do. And then...


They PARTY! And it's so much fun!!!!

Piper! Looking all hot in that gorgeous pink dress girl!!!! I didn't keep the photos where you and your date busted your booties in the booth. They were cute, but not as cute as this one!!!!

AND HELLO BELOW!!! Love this photo! She totally got what it meant by "fierce" American's Next Top Model!

Too sweet! (below)

We love capturing couples together and just being sweet. But friends, hamming it up in the booth?

PRICELESS! I hope you still keep in touch after HS with each other, but if you don't? If you forget and go your separate ways, you will always have prom.

We will always have prom.Awwww....Hannah!

You so get the Party Booth!

LOVE LOVE LOVEMy kid is the 2nd one from the left.

She's totally gorgeous and I wish I had her body.

Lord! Why did you skip me?!??!FUN TIMES AT COOPER HIGH!Cracking me up, cute boys below!This pretty purple dress below looked sooooooo good with her hair!

That's the 2nd thing I love about prom.

It's the academy awards to me! I'm so Joan Rivers about "what they wear!" I LOVE!

More pretty girls!This guy below? ROCKS!

He reminds me of Bruno Mars! I so loved shooting him in the booth! I'm crossing fingers he's a junior and will be back. And if you are a senior, you should definitely crash our prom next year. See? Personality I'm telling you. It reeks!!!These are my prom dates.

Well, Toni actually is. But these ladies below win my best dressed award for sure in the adult category!So much fun!See? Not all bump n grind.

There's some actual dancing involved.

And check out the cute couple below!?!?!

HELLO! Prom King and Queen!

I'm not surprised.

I'd be more surprised if they DIDN'T get it! Heck, I'd vote for them if I was in HS.Go go go!LOVE!BEST FISH FACE EVER!

Another cute couple. :)To view gallery 3 on the prom gallery,


More coming!!!!