the one with two puppies

I haven't updated anyone on the puppies lately. Well, besides the ladies down at Heavenly Paws. They were asking about them. So they know. But we've sold 2 and have 2 left. Darcee and Big Rex are left. Darcee is a black tri-color female that I'm pretty sure will end up toy, like her momma. She's so tiny and sweet! I'm also pretty sure her eyes will stay brown or amber like her momma's. They've never been really blue one bit.

Big Rex, now, he's a totally different story. Those that have visited the puppies know that he's a whiner, but he's also the first to figure out how to escape anything. He's BIG and beautiful and just look at those eyes! He's a red merle and I'm pretty sure he's going to be pretty fluffy like his daddy. He's got gorgeous coloring and despite being pretty vocal, he has warmed our hearts around here.

Please contact me if you'd like to visit them. They have started nibbling on moist puppy chow, but will need at least another week with their momma before we can send them to their new homes.

Love does,