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This picture makes me so happy.

You can feel the love and the laughter and how life is supposed to be when we slow down and enjoy each other. I'm slowing down a lot these days. I'm dealing with much, but it's good. It's forcing me to slow down.

When I had my wreck back in 2004, a very good friend said, "your plate just got cleared. Be careful what you put back on."

Since then...here's what I've had on my plate at any given time.

  • I moved my kids from private to public school
  • dealt with challenging teachers who are too busy to really understand amazing students that are right dang there in front of them
  • ditto for a coach a two
  • designed and built a house
  • amped up my profitable online business ideas to include more "shooting of what makes me happy"
  • graduated a daughter
  • moved her to college
  • closed a 20+ year old business
  • remodeled a building and researched a new business
  • opened new business
  • buried two grandmothers who influenced my life in ways unimaginable to a little girl broken by divorce
  • missed my sister
  • missed her kids growing up
  • missed my mom
  • dealt with so much STUFF

STUFF that doesn't really matter when you chalk it all up to life. It honestly isn't the real stuff that matters. So the plate is coming out and this time, I'm getting a slow wipe of it instead of BAM!

I'm careful what I put back on it.

I want more of the good stuff.

Take more REAL pictures instead of the crap people think matters.

I wanna watch more movies.

Pet more puppies.

and laugh a lot more.