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the one with my niece, Brooke, part 2

I love the way Brooke laughs!

It's with her ENTIRE FACE and mostly with her eyes. It reminds me of her mom who laughs the same way.

See? Below?

And they are just smiling there.

We had photographed her senior portrait in the mountains when we were there Spring Break. But we wanted some with a dressy approach and we needed some new photographs with her brother. So when they were in town at Easter...

The is Jack below. Her bro. My nephew. He's quite the stud. And girls? I'm pretty sure he's available. Jack, are you? Gosh, it's Spring and you may have fallen in love since I saw you last. Reply in the comments with your phone number is you are. LOL Okay.

Just view the series below and call your sibling RIGHT AWAY.


Only they can make you laugh this hard.

Love this much.

One of my FAVS!!!! I need this on my walls.Love does,