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the one with Braxton, LCHS Senior 2013

I learned how to tie a tie from youtube yesterday.

After looking at the view count on the video, I think 1/2 of America learned from the same video. LOL But we wanted a fun, casual look and the tie set it off. Yesterday, I photographed Braxton's senior portrait. He's graduating from LCHS this spring and I've known him since before his birth. Me and his mom go way back. He's just a few months behind Kalyn and they grew up together. In fact, they were best friends from an early age. Once the world figured out the difference, he was a boy, she a girl, they grew a part. But I somehow think, deep down it's still there. They are too much alike in many ways. They probably don't see it, but they share the same sense of adventure. The non fear of getting hurt. HELLO fearless Bednarz Kids, and the need for fun.

School, friends, life...all goes on and you look up one day they are 6 foot plus, grown adults! NO WAY! But I'm so happy his mom asked me to shoot him, because it was fun learning how to tie ties and getting to know him again.

He's headed to Texas Tech in the fall so watch out world! You are getting another Bednarz, primed and ready to take over!!!

Love does,