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the one with a wedding at Five Oaks Lodge, Jenks, Oklahoma

I'm home from a wedding at Five Oaks Lodge in Jenks, OK.

After hours of driving and a fun meeting with some future clients, I pulled in last night and immediately started watching girl's basketball. HELLO! Love me some girl's basketball! I was totally heartbroken for Skylar Digins. That is NOT the way you want to end your college career, but I love UCON's Coach Geno Auriemma! He totally reminds me of a Goodfella. LOL I'm always one to cheer for the underdog, but in this case, I really expected Notre Dame to win. That's the beauty of a basketball game, especially at that level. ANYONE CAN WIN, you don't have to be the better team all the time, just during that game. So, cheers to the University of Connecticut!

The wedding was B E A U T I F U L! Of course, I think all weddings are that way because I've vested and photographing them, but this one especially because of Sheila and her family. They've gone through so much and prevailed and come out the other side! And here they are celebrating Elisha + Zach. And celebrate they did!

You can view more images from their sneak peek on their WEDDING GALLERY. Just use the couple's last names, smushed together, to access.


Love does,


Check out this fabulous ring Zach has designed for Elisha. My photo does not do it justice, I'm afraid. This sucker was sooooo cool on the sides. Branches, intertwined, holding this fabulous stone. I LOVED.And HELLO beautiful lips! If I had Elisha's lips I would wear bold pretty colors every day. I love this photo of the "iPhone photo" train. LOLBeautiful flowers!

And a gorgeous dress!!!!And HELLO! Shoes that stole my heart. Comfy and gorgeous!

For these cute adorable feet. :)S T U D S getting dressed. YES, please.Zach is a fashionista with class and chose his attire to reflect his love of vests. Me? I personally thought of one of my favorite musicals Newsies. And for some reason I kept refrenceing machine guns. Not sure how my twisted mind works. But they do look like they stepped out of the prohibition era. I LOVED it! It totally went with the venue, Elisha's look, and the feel of them as a couple.

Hello sweet momma super proud of her boys! Look Ma! We can dress ourselves! j/kZach and Elisha chose a first look.Sooooooo cute!I'm not sure what he said here below, but I loved her expression!I wanted to growl at them in approval a few times. They totally ROCKED several great YUMMY looks!L O V E

Momma and daughter...Elisha, you are GORGEOUS!And they had the best wedding party! Elisha's college roomies and Zach's bro's. So much fun!One last huddle girl. Come on, gather together!Elisha's brothers walked her down the aisle. The day turned out GORGEOUS!

My Favorite of the night is above. Total YUM!


Here's to my college girls!!! Shelley came and helped assist me during the wedding and we had a great time catching up. Shelley, if you are reading this, I'm still PRAYING!

And my BFF from HS-LIFE, Sheila. I'm so glad I got to be a part of this!!!!

Until next post...