the one with my BFF from HS, Sheila

All that driving led me to a pretty little place located in Jenks, OK. The 5 Oaks Lodge is the setting for the wedding of Elisha + Zach. They are getting married tomorrow! I'm so excited to be a part of this! Sheila, Elisha's mom, and I went to HS together. She was one of my BEST FRIENDS and someone I just clicked with. She was never afraid to have fun and chase guys and most of all, listen.

So, here I am, watching her daughter get married! And not just watching. Photographing it! That's a big responsibility and even more, such a wonderful thing to witness. These are the faces of the babies she raised and loved and now they are all grown and living their own lives. To me? In my head? Sheila and I are still in dragging main and talking about guys, not witnessing our children fall in love and commit their lives. Such a treat! Such a wonderful thing.

I'm happy.

The image below is Elisha and her bro's, Trey and Tyler. They are walking her down th aisle and giving her away tomorrow. I expect tears and laughter and a little teasing as well.

The lodge has a great vintage feel to it without seeming old. The lake is pretty and there's ducks and sheep. YEP. Sheep. But the grass is green and the weather is beautiful. Give me some love to photograph and everything is beautiful!

Elisha has two college roommates as her wedding party. These girls know each other and you can tell in their body language. I loved watching the three of them together.

Lots of love around here.Watch the series below. This was after the rehearsal and the were talking about old times and such. Only your good girlfriends can make you laugh like this!

And I loved watching Zach's dad interact with his boys. And this is Sheila below. LOVE

The groom's mom Julie, designed a beautiful arch for the couple to get married under. You'll see more of it from my ceremony pictures I will share from today.

The entire group together before we headed out for a nice dinner at Johnny Carino's.I shall not even try to explain. Congratulations you two! Let's go get MARRIED!!!

Love does,