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the one with Ryan, LCHS Senior 2013

A lazy Sunday afternoon was spent photographing Ryan, LCHS Senior 2013. Yep. I met Ryan, where else? At the ball-field yesterday. His mom and dad were there as well. It was SENIOR PHOTOS time and I was just happy they thought of me. He's a total cutie! And I don't get enough guys to work with. Let's face it. The girls are sooooo into this sort of thing, me included! But it's nice to work with a guy now and then. They become grooms eventually, and I enjoy the differences in posing and just hanging out. It's not that they are easier, just different.

Ryan has plans for TT Baseball, but HELLO! Pro Scouts have left their calling cards as well. I kept a few goofy shots just in case he's famous so I can make some money when the National Inquirer comes a calling. LOL come a calling. In the mean time, enjoy this sneak peek. Great guy!

Love does,